Domhnall Gleeson, Lenny Abrahamson project receives Irish Film Board funding

Domhnall Gleeson, Lenny Abrahamson project receives Irish Film Board funding
Other recipients include Virginia Woolf romance Vita & Virginia and new Hong Khaou, Carmel Winters films.

Lenny Abrahamson’s forthcoming adaptation of Sarah Waters’ acclaimed wartime ghost story The Little Stranger is among the films being supported by the Irish Film Board in its latest round of funding decisions.

Projects by Mary McGuckian, Carmel Winters and British/Cambodian filmmaker Hong Khaou are also among those given production funding support, as is a drama about Virgina Woolf’s love affair with the poet and novelist Vita Sackville-West.

In a diverse and wide-ranging first quarter, Room director Abrahamson’s [pictured] adaption of The Little Stranger has received production funding of €350,000.

The novel, which centres on the strange goings on in a country house in rural Warwickshire, has been adapted for the big screen by English novelist and screenwriter Lucinda Coxon (The Danish Girl). Domhnall Gleeson is attached to the project, which will be co-produced by Element Pictures.

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'Chuck' - Chuck Versus The Bullet Train

"Chuck Versus the Bullet Train" picks up where last week.s episode left off. Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) has captured Chuck (Zachary Levi) and asks him to fix the Intersect, which is "en route to his base." Quinn also informs Chuck that Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) are dead. In fact, Sarah, using her new Intersect skills, has defeated Quinn.s men, has sent the false message confirming that she and Casey are dead, and has made arrangements for their bodies to be on the same bullet train that Quinn and Chuck are on. Sarah, using her new Intersect powers, saves Chuck and captures Quinn. Chuck and Sarah share a moment about how amazing it is to have the Intersect, and then sketch out their future life together, complete with picket fences. However, Quinn has two of this ...
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Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Business Trip” – Recap

Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Business Trip” – Recap

When you’ve been watching Chuck since its first season, as I have, watching each episode becomes more about the characters and the fun they have then the missions. Overall there’s a pretty obvious template for the spy missions, turning what is usually considered a plot twist into the logical next step. Take for example the defeat and capture of the Viper’s decoy assassin. It was a very easy take down, leaving no doubt he was impersonating the Viper just as Chuck was impersonating Morgan. It’s too bad these twists can be seen coming from very early in the episodes, but Chuck has the decency to at least make the journeys a blast to watch.

Chuck Versus the Business Trip” stumbled through its logical inconsistencies (Why did Chuck think posing as Morgan would work? Surely she would have seen
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Six Cool Clips From 'I Am Number Four'

Pairing up the studly young Brit teen-dream Alex Pettyfer with the gleefully gorgeous Dianna Agron sounds like it could make for one of the most unforgettable movie romances in recent memory. Certainly one of the prettiest.

But better yet, "I Am Number Four" has aliens, explosions, gigantic beasts and a main character (Pettyfer's E.T. "John Smith") who can shoot lasers from his hands.

Before you head on down to the cineplex to watch "Number Four" in all its super-powered, intergalactic, high-school romantic glory, take a gander at these six fun clips from the movie.

1. Edgy Aussie beauty Teresa Palmer strips down a beach shack before setting it ablaze. We dare you to find any actress who can strut away sexier from an explosion like that... We Dare Ya!


2. John aggressively argues for his right to go to school, while his guardian Henri demands a call every hour, on the hour,
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Chuck 4.13 "Chuck vs. the Push Mix" recap

Did you miss last week's episode?  Make sure you catch up with last week's recap!

"Chuck vs. The Push Mix" opens in Casey's hospital room with Casey still in bad shape and mostly unresponsive. Ellie says he'll regain consciousness in a couple days. Alex shouldn't worry -- Casey is family, and Bartowskis take care of their family. (Nice use of the slow Chuck theme music in this scene.)  A low sound is heard.  Morgan knows that sound anywhere: it was a Casey grunt!  What is he saying, they wonder. "Pants..."  Why did Casey say "pants?"  Morgan thinks it's because he'll never walk again and won't need pants, but Alex offers that maybe there is something in them.  Morgan searches Casey's pockets and retrieves the piece of the Hydra eyeball.  He hands it to Chuck who flashes information on Hydra and its designer, Ronnie Eimacher.  Chuck wonders where Casey got the eyeball.
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Chuck 4.11 "Chuck vs. the Balcony" Recap

It's been a long, long time since we last checked-in on our favorite accidental spy, so catch up with my most recent recap here.

The episode begins in the Loire Valley in France.  A man runs with the ubiquitous silver briefcase through the grounds of a chateau, and is being chased by dogs and men with guns.  He finds a door, rushes through and finds himself in a wine cellar.  He opens the case.  There is a syringe inside which he removes to inject himself.  Before he does, he decides to plunge the needle into a wine bottle instead.  When he depresses the plunger, a microchip is shot into the wine.  The pursuers break in and shoot the man in the back.  With his dying breaths, the man slides the empty syringe under the wine racks.  The gunmen come upon and open the silver case, seeing that the syringe is missing.
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