You Might Feel Like You've Been To "Ladda Land"

The influence of hauntings past can be felt so strongly in Ladda Land that they register less as echoes than as outright grafts given a modern antiseptic sheen. There have been other films this derivative to work successfully, but the film lifts them so joylessly that it feels less like a loving throwback than a dutiful homage paid (something like the yearly tribute in The Cabin in the Woods). There are a few eerie images, to be sure, but nothing to breathe any life into the warmed-over story.

The title refers to a gated community in Thailand, residence in which suggests some measure of financial success and social stability. But since there has to be a movie here, not everything is as it seems, which is quickly discovered by the new family in the neighborhood, composed of  father Thee(Saharath Sangkapreecha), mother Parn (Piyathida Woramusik), teenage daughter Nan (Suthatta Udomsilp
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