[Review] Jack Goes Home

There’s no question that Thomas Dekker‘s sophomore effort as writer-director is a head-scratcher. What you as a viewer must decide is whether or not to keep scratching. I don’t think anyone outside of Dekker himself can truly unpack the type of psychological chaos occurring within Jack Goes Home, and I like that notion. This is an artist using his medium as an outlet to exorcise demons without necessarily factoring in audience expectations. It doesn’t supply easy answers, leaves a ton of loose ends as far as what’s real or fantasy, and turns deadly violent on a dime. It seeks divisiveness by throwing the kitchen sink of horrific tragedies onto Jack Thurlowe (Rory Culkin) until he can no longer breathe before letting him stew — simultaneously unhinged and deceptively anticlimactic.

But the latter isn’t deflating as much as unexpected. Most horror films begin where this one ends,
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Behind the Mirror Movie Review

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Behind the Mirror Movie Review
Title: Behind the Mirror Director: Minos Papas Starring: Matt Hopkins, Daniela Mastropietro, Nando Del Castillo, Flint Beverage, Demosthenes Chrysan, Jp Serret, Vanessa Kai. Minos Papas is an award winning filmmaker, writer, producer, director and cinematographer based in New York City. Papas runs an indie production company – Cyprian Films – that offers a variety of film production services. Prior to becoming a film director, he established himself as a cinematographer…and it shows! So far his previous shorts, features, narratives and documentaries have defined him as someone capable of evoking David Lynch and Dante’s Inferno. This trait is evident in his latest feature film ‘Behind the Mirror,’ since the exploration of [ Read More ]

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