'Ingress' Anime Series to Air on Netflix in October

The animated series based on augmented reality mobile game Ingress from Pokemon Go developer Niantic will screen worldwide via Netflix from October, after it airs on Japan's Fuji TV.

Ingress: The Animation was announced by Fuji in March as the first series to run in its new late-night Ultra+ anime slot. It will be produced by Tokyo animation house Crafter for Fuji, with the acclaimed Yuhei Sakuragi (Neon Genesis: Impact) directing and Takeshi Honda, art director on Neon Genesis Evangelion, designing the characters. Studio Ghibli and Production I.G. alumni Tomohiko Ishii (Ghost in the Shell 2.0) will produce.

The launch of the ...
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009 Re: Cyborg (2012) Movie Trailer: Kenji Kamiyama

009 Re: Cyborg Trailer. Kenji Kamiyama‘s 009 Re: Cyborg (2012) movie trailer plot synopsis: features “a team of people, kidnapped from across the globe for human experimentation, who escape and turn their new super powers against their former captors.”

This looks really good. I’m impressed, especially with everyone individual power. Love the 3D animation. This is one to look out for.

More on anime, specifically substance and style:

For all the complaints that detractors may have about Japanese anime as a storytelling medium, its command of both style and kinetic energy is undeniable. Such invaluable assets go a long way in smoothing over the ambiguities and cultural barriers that seem to be inherent to the form. While style is never truly an adequate stand in for substance, it’s hard to tell your brain that when your eyes are taking in a visual feast. During such moments, the viewer is compelled
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