Snowpiercer: Q&A with Costume Designer Catherine George

Chances are you have not seen Snowpiercer yet due to its limited availability and release fiasco. If so, skip this interview and watch the film first. Go in clean, because Snowpiercer really is as good as everyone’s telling you. Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, it is essentially a dark (often literally) sci-fi thriller about a perpetual motion train carrying the last remnants of society after a global ice age. Themes of cruelty, disparity and sacrifice abound, and strong, sometimes horrific visual references bombard the screen. The exceptional costume design by Catherine George ties all this together in a way that is readable and indicative, yet never threatens to take over the film.

Catherine George, however unintentionally, seems to specialise in this form of costume design; you only need to watch We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) to gather this. This is not to say her work is showy in any way.
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Halfway Pt. 5 Best Performances

Are you getting restless about all these halfway posts? We're almost done. The Power of List compels me. There's one more halfway post to go that's basically 'The Oscar Charts are Updated!' as the coding problem I mentioned is fixed and the updates are happening behind the scenes as you read this. We must get all this halfway business behind us by Saturday morning so that we can ape out all weekend with Andy Serkis & Co and start this second half of the year off right.


The Greatest Performances Of 2014's First Half

Best Leading Actress: Keira Knightley does her most relaxed and fluid work ever in Begin Again as a musician at a crossroads, never letting any one aspect of the character's situation pigeonhole her emotional responses; Agata Kulesza is an abrasive and evasive presence in her first scenes in Ida as a cynical woman who is
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Mads Mikkelsen To 'Move On' With Asger Leth, Agyness Deyn & Peter Mullan Lead Terence Davies' 'Sunset Song' & More

Versatile Danish thesp Mads Mikkelsen is set to team with "Man On A Ledge" helmer Asger Leth for road film "Move On." Developed by Matt Greenhalgh (screenwriter of "Control" and "Nowhere Boy"), the story begins with a flawed hero, stepping off a boat in Rotterdam before traveling across Europe to deliver a mysterious silver suitcase. Lensing will take the production across eight different countries in a hectic 30-day chronological shoot, and will unusually involve the participation of film fans from 11 countries in areas such as casting, location and props. More details can be found at the film's website, but each country's shoot will make up a 5-8 minute segment of the movie, with a shoot commencing this summer before a September unveiling. [ScreenDaily]

After debuting in the upcoming remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's "Pusher," and an acclaimed run on London's West End, model Agyness Deyn is moving up in the acting world.
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[Tiff Review] Lena

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A normal life was never an option for Lena. Whether a translation tick or a telling line throughout the film, the words “Be normal” crop up often as none of the characters traveling in and out of this young girl’s life come close to the definition. Raised by a prostitute mother constantly belittles her for being fat when not on the phone yelling in Polish about her dying, pimp father, Lena has nothing to her name but pain and suffering. Between the ridicule at home and the snickering looks from kids her age outside, the only reprieve she’s allowed is a Thursday night line-dancing class with best friend Hanneke … and sex. But as the opening sequence shows us in what’s eventually proven to be over-used slow motion, this physical act holds no passion or desire. Like her tempestuous guardian, sex serves only to drowning her in the dull,
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