First Contact to return to Sbs in November

First Contact. Sbs.s First Contact will return for a new season this November, hosted again by Ray Martin.

Reconciliation Australia has found that six out of 10 Australians have had little or no contact with the nation.s first people.

The first season of First Contact generated headlines and debate in 2014 when Martin took six Australians into Aboriginal Australia for the first time.

This year, Martin takes a group of six well-known Australians with diverse, deeply entrenched preconceptions and opinions about the nation.s Indigenous people on the same journey.

They include Natalie Imbruglia, former One Nation politician David Oldfield, Ian .Dicko. Dickson, Tom Ballard, Former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris and Nicki Wendt.

The show has been produced by Blackfella Films (Deep Water, Redfern Now, Mabo) in association with Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Sbs.


.First Contact season one gave Australians the chance to gain greater understanding and insight
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