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Intriguing First Trailer For James Franco's Pretenders

We have an interesting new trailer for you to check out from the film previously known as The Pretenders, now being released as Pretenders. The film is written by The Fault in Our Stars director — and New Mutants writer — Josh Boone, and directed by director and Golden Globe-winning actor James Franco, of The Disaster Artist.

The film follows the love triangle of a photographer, a director, and an actress. Here’s the synopsis:

Pretenders, life imitates deadly arts as a French New Wave obsessed film student, Terry, finds his muse in mysterious and beguiling actress, Catherine. Both Terry and his best friend, Phil, fall under the spell of this beautiful woman. But they soon realize that the more time they spend with her, the more enigmatic she becomes. After years of sex, betrayal, and collateral damage, the three end up in a dangerous situation that leaves one of them fighting for his life.
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First Full Trailer for James Franco's Love Triangle Film 'Pretenders'

"Was their love something real? He has to find out." Cleopatra Entertainment has released the first full trailer for an indie drama titled Pretenders, also otherwise known as The Pretenders, but they're officially releasing it as just Pretenders. Yet another new film directed by James Franco, in addition to Zeroville also out in the next few months. He's making so many films these days it's hard to keep track of them. And does anyone even watch them? Who knows. Pretenders is about a love triangle involving a photographer, his best friend who is a "French New Wave-obsessed" film student, and a beautiful actress who entrances both of them. Starring Jack Kilmer (Val Kilmer's son), Shameik Moore, and Jane Levy as the main three, with James Franco, Dennis Quaid, Brian Cox, Juno Temple, Antoni Porowski, Mustafa Shakir, Tyler Alvarez, and Reema Sampat. This seems particularly wacky and super artsy, almost
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