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Overview (3)

Born in Hebei, China
Nickname Allen Deng
Height 6' 0½" (1.84 m)

Mini Bio (15)

2019.08.19- 2020.04.22 Debut movie project "Qing Ya Ji--Yin Yang Shi" and "Long Yue Ji--Yin Yang Shi" As Supporting Male, "Hiromasa"/"Yuan Bo Ya" aka. "Bo Ya", a musician, a young nobleman in ancient time with special talent as exorcist. The series of movies are reedited based on stories from the Japanese novel series Onmyoji (the Yin Yang Master) by Japanese writer Yoneyama Mineo, the whole project is composed of 2 separate movies shot continuously together.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2019.09-2019.12 shooting variety show "Season II, New Daily Design with Art from the Forbidden City" (aka. "Shang xin le gu gong") as himself Allen joined the show as the regular host to guide an exploring journey and provided an introduction to the culture elements from the architecture art and antique display pieces provided the Forbidden City Museum in Beking City. At the end of each episode the designer develops a new daily necessities product and blended it with the art element inspired from the show.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2019.07-2019.08 shooting variety show "Let us play basketball" (aka. "Wo yao da lan qiu") as himself In this basketball talent show, Allen teamed up with NBA player Jeremy Lin as the co-leaders of the Team Flash Light, throughout rounds of games with rules to eliminate the gamers, Allen and Jeremy helped their team members to win the final game against the opponent team.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2019.05 shooting variety show "The Familiar Taste" (aka. "Shu xi de wei dao") This is a reality show about celebrities' food memory with their friends and family members. Allen was joined by his childhood friends in his home town, Shi Jia Zhuang, Hebei Province. They shared with the audience their touching moments in their growing-up stories, and played basketball together in the show.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2019.03-2019.05 shooting "The Great Escape"/"The Room Break" (aka. "Mi shi da tao tuo") reality show, adventure game Allen teamed with other actor, singer, athlete and comedians including Yang Mi, Wei Da Xun, Xie Yi Lin, Zhang Guo Wei and Justin Jia to break out from a series of closed rooms with different themes in each episode. This show had finished it successful season I and will come back with full original cast of season II in Spring 2020.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2019.02 "Spring Festival Gala Evening" performed as singer with Jackie Chan and William Chan for the song "I fight and I am grateful"

2018.10.15-2019.02.01 shooting "Fighting, You are the best" (aka. "Jia you, ni shi zui bang de") As Leading Male, "HAO Ze Yu", a young actor who struggles for his dream of acting and love

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2018.05.07-2018.09.25 shooting "My True Friend" (aka."Wo de zhen peng you") As Leading Male "SHAO Peng Cheng", the son of a wealthy family with a business in real estate broker business which meets crisis when SHAO's father is found with brain disease

2017.10.13-2018.02.10 shooting "1001 Eves" (aka. "Sweet Dreams") As Leading Male "BO Hai", the young entrepreneur of flower company, a florist with serious abandonment issue and PTSD caused by a fire disaster in his childhood

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2017.06.15-2017.10.15 shooting "Ashes of Love" (aka. "Sweet Honey and Ashes of Love"/"Xiang mi chen chen jin ru shuang") As Leading Male "Xu Feng/Phoenix", son of the Heavenly Emperor, Fire Immortal, the Phoenix

2017.06-2018.01 shooting variety show "Season V, Where Are We Going, Dad? " as himself Allen assigned with a 5-year-old little girl "Xiao Shan Zhu" who has parents of average people, as a temporary father-daughter "family" to travel and explore a sweet adventure together with other celebrity fathers and their kids

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2016.9.28-2017.01.07 shooting "Huan le song II" (aka. "Ode of Joy II") As Supporting Male "XIE Tong", the singer, musician, guitar player, love interest of one of the girls in the shared apartment

2016.06.30-2016.10.19 shooting "Legend of Princess Chu Qiao" As Supporting Male "Xiao Ce", the prince of Kingdom Liang, the friend of leading female role

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2016.02-2016.04.07 shooting "Love in the Warfare" (aka. "Ran qing da di") As Supporting Male "MA Chu Xi", the adopted son of a civilian Chinese family, who later finds himself to be the son of a Japanese General

2016.01-2016.02 shooting "Legend of Magical Star"/"Qi Xing Ji: Xian yi nu ma shao nian shi" Guest starring as "Lord You Ran", the king who was blinded by his own ambition and betrayed his love

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2015.06.17 Graduation Ceremony of Shanghai Theatre Academy with Bachelor Degree awarded

2015.03.28-2015.08.24 shooting "The Investiture of Gods" (aka. "Feng shen yan yi") As Supporting Male "Fox genie/ Zi Xu", the fox genie who plans to hunt the lead female role for her soul but later falls in love with her and helped her with her revenge

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2014.12.03-2014.12.08 performing "The Last Nobleman" (Graduation Theatre Play Project in Shanghai Theatre Academy) As the leading male role in his senior age, this role does not have a single line during the whole play

2014.6.6 -2014.09.19 shooting "I get my father married" (aka. "Dai jia lao ba") As Supporting Male "SU Da", a hair dresser with warm and lovely nature, the younger brother of the leading female role

2013.12-Spring 2014 shooting "Love, Good Luck, Bad Luck" (aka. "Ai qing shang shang qian") (Situation Comedy) As Leading Male "SUN Xiao Fei", a young awkward IT man with all sorts of unrealistic fantasy and misunderstanding to the idea of love and romance

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2013.08.12-2013.10.23 shooting "Super Cinderella/ Girl Du Qi Hua" As Supporting Male "DU Qi Tian", the younger brother of leading female role, an actor wannabe

2013.04.28-2013.08.04 shooting "New Moments in Peking" (aka. Xin Jing Hua Yan Yun) As Supporting Male "YAO Di Fei"/"Yao Afei", the youngest son of a notable wealthy family in Peking city in 20's-30's of 1900

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2012.07.14-2012.11.22 shooting "Flowers in Fog" (aka. "Hua fei hua, wu fei wu") produced by famous love story writer Qiong Yao As Supporting Male "XU Hao", a young white color worker with a cheerful character as the love interest of the youngest sister of the family story. Paired up with Yang Zi, Allen provided his TV drama debut as a acting school second-year student and achieve quite positive feedback from audience and attached his very first group of fans.

2011.09-2015.06 Department of Acting, Shanghai Theatre Academy

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

2017.02.15-2017.05.21 shooting "Blossom in Heart" (aka. "Hai tang jing yu yan zhi tou ") As Leading Male "Lang Yue Xuan", the second son of Lang Family, who's in charged of the family's rouge making business and gets acquainted with Gu Hai Tang, a beautiful young woman. Gu Hai Tang finds work at the Lang Family's rouge making factory and catches the eye of Yue Ming, the family's eldest son. In order to make her his bride, the Lang Family tricks Hai Tang into a fake wedding and when she finds out that she had married Yue Ming, she becomes hateful towards Yue Xuan for deceiving her...

- IMDb Mini Biography By: star 2019

Trivia (19)

He is the only son of his parents; his father served in the army.
Would choose a profession as a cook or an interior designer.
Is a big fan of singer Jay Zhou (Zhou Jie Lun) and Angela Chang (Zhang Shao Han).
Once used the metaphor of Koala when describing his fans, and says he is the big tree for the Koalas.
Once said he was a believer of love in the fist sight and would marry the girl the second day they meet if he believes she is the one.
The fan name of his is Deng Xin, means the Heart of Deng ( the family name of his), also as the "lampwick" (same pronunciation as Deng Xin in Chinese ) which would light up his road as a lamp.
Was mainly raised by his maternal grandfather who was a college professor in philosophy, his grandfather passed away when he was 13.
Would prefer to left a light on when he goes to sleep in a hotel room.
He had never planned to study acting until near graduation of high school. He was encouraged by a tutor in his hometown, and promised that he could definitely be admitted by the acting schools.
His personal assistant Gong He, who is his school buddy since childhood, is quite famous in his fans and has 30K followers in Weibo (Chinese Twitter).
Got his role "Lu Zhao Hai" in the drama "White Deer Plain" after over 30 rounds of auditions.
He is a very neat guy who has great interest in household supplies.
He has over 36,500,000 followers in Weibo (Chinese Twitter) up till December 2019.
He was chosen by Qiong Yao for his debut role "Xu Hao" in the drama "Flowers in Fog" through multiple auditions overnight by video transmitting, but at the beginning he joined the audition merely as a companion to his classmates who was seeking for chances.
He loves the color green.
His most popular role in China is the "Phoenix" for his heroic character as the son of the emperor of heaven in the drama "Ashes of Love" (2018).
Has very white skin tone comparing to ordinary Asian men.
Has a tattoo of the number "24" on his left ankle, as 24 is his idol, NBA player Kobe Bryant's number.
Was a big fan of the TV series "Westworld".

Personal Quotes (5)

The most important thing is, to be with your family.
I had tried working continuously for over 50 hours without sleeping, I believe working is what I love, and I chose to do so by myself, I have nothing to complain about it.
Let nature take its course, do what you want to do, feel your life, life itself is the most important thing.
When you are truly in love with something, you just choose to hold on to it and never give up.
I belong to the course of the performing, while the result is what I give to my audience. What I was young, I could not handle scenes with crying parts very well, I have nothing to cry about then. Now I know how to act in crying scenes, crying, with all sorts of different emotions. I have no techniques for crying, I just make myself be the character himself, and let it go.

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