Feature: No More Moore! Onscreen Beefs With Michael Moore

  • IFC
By Matt Singer

According to the trailer of David Zucker's new comedy, "An American Carol," "America's most infamous filmmaker -- totally arrogant, completely clueless -- [has] finally gone too far." Of course, Zucker, a former liberal activist who became a "9/11 Republican," is referring to Michael Moore, the inspiration for the central character in "An American Carol," one Michael Malone (Kevin Farley), a filmmaker who's visited by three Dickensian ghosts after he demands that July 4th be abolished ("I love America. That's why it needs to be destroyed!").

Zucker's spoof is perhaps the most high-profile film to take on Moore, but it's by no means the first. In fact, in the last four years, Moore's work has inadvertently given birth to an entirely new strain of conservative filmmaking whose sole mission is to discredit him by taking issue with his documentary aesthetic, his politics, his personal success, even his physical appearance.
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