[DVD Review] Left Bank

About halfway through Pieter Van Hees' Left Bank, I stopped the movie, made lunch, watched Notting Hill (no, that's not the sound of my credibility darting away), did some laundry, made dinner, downloaded a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and went to bed.

Such was the effect of Left Bank -- I felt no urgency, no pressing desire to learn about what happens to its characters, what evil is plaguing them. My spine did not tingle, nor did I find myself scooching to the edge of my seat.

Marie (the relatively unknown Eline Kuppens) is a devoted track junkie. She runs hard and does little else, until she collapses from an immune infection, leaving her to have to forfeit an upcoming championship. The break from training allows her to take up a relationship with a young archer named Bobby (Matthias Schoenaerts). She moves out of her mother's house,
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