Aussie horror Dying Breed: Blu-ray Review

Director: Jody Dwyer. Review: Adam Wing. It’s Australia’s turn to get down under your skin with Jody Dwyer’s twisted vision of terror, The Hills Have Eyes has a lot to answer for, and Dying Breed proves once again that keeping it in the family is rarely a good thing in the world of horror. Convinced that Tasmanian tigers still exist, and determined to finish the work that her sister started, zoologist Nina (Mirrah Foulkes) sets off on an expedition with her partner Matt, their financier Jack and his girlfriend, Rebecca. An interesting array of characters, not to mention wilfully annoying, between them they have also starred in the likes of Wolf Creek, Snakes On A Plane and Saw. Not exactly strangers to the world of torment and torture then… Their quest leads them deep into isolated territory, which is now inhabited by the descendants of Alexander Pearce
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