Weekend Horror Trivia

Reader and contributor Gemma St. Clair returns this weekend with a new list of horror trivia:

1. The Phantom of the Opera: There are multiple versions of this film, including the original silent 1925 release (107 minutes long) and the 1929 re-release (98 minutes long). There was a third version with talking scenes, but it is now considered lost.

2. Cat’s Eye: Stephen King wrote the part for Drew Barrymore in Cat’s Eye because he was so impressed with her in Firestarter.

3. Freaks: This film was banned in the UK for nearly 30 years after its release.

4. Willard (2003): A picture of Willard’s Father in the film is actually Bruce Davidson who played Willard in the 1971 original.

5. House of the Dead: The Sega logo can be seen in the background of the rave.

6. Alone in the Dark (1982): The house that was used for Dr. Potter’s home actually belonged to a psychiatrist.
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