From Josh Hartnett to Jared Leto to Michael Cera: "It" Boys Who Never Quite Were!

Super-stardom always looks so inevitable in retrospect: of course Ryan Gosling would make a name for himself in well-received indie movies like Lars and the Real Girl and Blue Valentine, while also finding popular success in movies like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

And with looks like Chris Evans', it was surely only a matter of time until he'd find a vehicle like Captain America that would give him the lead in a movie that's a big fat hit.

But is that true? Once you each a certain level and generate the "right" kind of buzz, is super-stardom inevitable?

As near as I can tell, Hollywood is still basically playing by the "three-flops-and-you're-out" rule: after a leading actor's breakthrough success, he gets about three more roles to prove himself.

If these movies flop, and if their name recognition is still high enough because of that initial break-through, they
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