Beware Shane's Knife and the Horror Cliche: DVD Artwork and Trailer

Maya Entertainment will be distributing Jason Daly's (Sigma Die!) Beware on DVD October 18th. This is a backwoods slasher, where a tortured young boy returns to life with an agenda. That agenda is to kill those who trespass in his barren neck of the woods. Maya Entertainment has just released the DVD artwork for this title (left), which shows one female character chained and bloodied. The tagline for this feature is "you've been warned," but is this film original?

The second trailer for the feature, which is hosted below, shows the killer, Shane, for the first time and a curious Sheriff. However, the film seems to be following some of the formulas of the cabin-in-the-woods style of filmmaking, based on the promotional material available. In this genre youths enter an isolated locale like Rob Schmidt's Wrong Turn (2003). Here, they drink and party e.g. House of Wax, before
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