Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Movie Review

For the uninitiated, “Lan Kwai Fong” is one of Hong Kong’s most popular drinking areas, a nightlife beacon packed with bars and clubs and populated by young people looking for a good time. Director Wilson Chin (former Tvb producer and helmer of “Summer Love”) tries to do justice to the famous district by bringing together a top eye candy cast of attractive up and coming actors, models and pop stars, including Z.O., Shiga Lin, Jason Chan, Miki Yeung, Stephanie Cheng, DaDa Chan, Jeana Ho, Bonnie Xian, Emme Wong, Gregory Wong, Jun Kung, and Pal Sinn, with plenty of cameo appearances from a long line of famous faces. A contemporary youth drama dealing with life, love, and especially sex, the film proved very popular with its target audience, scoring big at the domestic box office. The plot revolves around a group of well-dressed youngsters who frequent the area and its clubs,
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