Farewell Kim Jong-il, cinematic icon

We pay tribute to the love affair between Kim Jong-il and American film with a selection of the late, lampooned leader's finest screen moments, from 30 Rock to Team America

The death of Kim Jong-il has ignited many different reactions. Obituary writers have been able to look back on a lifetime of human rights abuses and expert cognac appreciation. Diplomats will look ahead to an uncertain period of transition as his son Kim Jong-un prepares to assume power. And the rest of us? We'll probably just unwittingly spend the day humming I'm So Ronery from Team America.

As an avowed cinephile, Kim Jong-il lived his life through film. He was rumoured to own more than 30,000 American films in his own personal collection; he also once kidnapped a South Korean film-maker to improve the cinema of North Korea, and he apparently banned the John Cusack film 2012 from release over fears that it
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