Episode Recap: The Closer - 6.14: "Living Proof: Part Two"

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The coroner, Kendall (Ransford Doherty) examines Sara's Db at the scene, stating she hasn't been dead all that long. Buzz (Phillip P Keene) uses his video camera to film as usual and Sara's computer is missing. Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) asks Provenza (Gw Bailey) to speak with Skander (Aaron Refvem) as he's kind of close to him. Morales (Jonathan Del Arco) was meant to be with his boyfriend's family. He finds Sara has the same torture marks on her body as her sister, Anila. Brenda invites Morales to Christmas dinner with everyone else at work. Flynn (Tony Denison) crosses off everyone's names on the board, as each one of their plans is put paid to. Tao (Michael Paul Chan) has an Albanian translation book and tells them of an Albanian rule of the 'blood feud' called 'Kanun' which doesn't allow for anyone to be killed in their home, or for women to be killed either.
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