The Girl in Room 2A (1973)

Written and directed by: William Rose

Cast: Daniela Giordano, John Scanlon, Angelo Infanti, Giovanna Galletti and Raf Vallone

The Girl in Room 2A is quite a tease. Her reputation as a violent giallo is unfounded. The girl may be rough, but she’s no giallo.

She’d like for you to believe that she’s a disturbing precursor to the torture porn genre. If such a distinction gets her some notoriety, I’ll not argue with her. She’s been through quite enough already. But cinematic sleaze merchants have been torturing beautiful, buxom women onscreen for decades. So her trauma (while not insubstantial) really isn’t anything unique. Her biggest problem, aside from her muddled identity, is that she’s just not very bright.

The film starts out in rough fashion with an attractive young woman leaving her apartment. She is abducted violently by several men and thrown into a
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