Alice through the projector lens

Mark charts the cinematic history of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, from the earliest days of the moving image to the present day…

With a new interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic on DVD and Blu-ray, I thought it might be an interesting diversion to look at the history of Alice In Wonderland in cinema and TV. This is far from a definitive list of Alice-inspired productions, but here are some of those that fell down my rabbit hole...

Alice In Wonderland (1903)

The first film Alice, I think, it stood out if only for the impressively lavish costumes and sets which the director insisted remain faithful to the drawings of Sir John Tenniel, the original illustrator of Lewis Carroll‘s story. However, that blew all the budget, so the cast is mostly the crew, including 'Alice' Mabel Clark who was also the studio secretary. When this came out it was the
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