Key Players in the Cannes Market: Mk2

Infusing last year's Cannes with such unique films as Greece's Dogtooth, Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno and the biking in the birthday suit comedy The Misfortunates, the all encompassing heavyweight French unit MK2 is on one of those odd winning streaks – managing to find/rep films that are celebrated at not only the major heavyweight film fests, but the “second tier” noteworthy fests as well – such as the Rotterdams and the Locarnos of this world we brought about Alamar (To the Sea) and Nothing Personal. This year they present films from distinguished auteurs in Kiarostami (see Binoche in still above) and Zhang-ke, but anyone who follows the site knows how much we look forward in seeing Abdellatif Kechiche's next feature – headed to and to be celebrated in, Venice. P.S: MK2 reps can invite me to see the first images of the biopic set way before our time. Black Venus
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