Olympics TV and radio review: need more options? Seek counselling

If even McEnroe is overwhelmed by the amount of BBC output, there's probably not much hope for those of us who care little

On Saturday morning, John McEnroe turned on his TV and was instantly baffled. "There's so much to turn to I don't know what to do with myself," the tennis legend told Gabby Logan's perma-rictus on BBC1's Olympics Tonight. "I've got about 50 options."

He's probably got more than that. Olympics coverage overwhelms not just BBC1, BBC3 and that counsel of despair for the couch potato with commitment issues, the red button, but reaches unprecedentedly far into cyberspace. There are up to 24 Olympics live streams available on your laptop, and if should you miss any of them, catch them on the iPlayer or the BBC Olympics app. During the weekend, Jake Humphrey popped up regularly to reassure us that we need never miss a moment of these historic games.
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