Looking back at Christopher Nolan’s Following

A year in the making, young director Nolan shot his debut feature, Following, on a shoestring budget over the space of a year. So, how does it stand up twelve years on...?

Ambitious, darkly comic, but clumsy and cold, Christopher Nolan's (Inception, The Dark Knight) first feature, Following, showcases a talented writer/director's Herculean effort to show the world his neat bag of tricks.

Made for almost nothing, over a year of weekends (in between his job filming and recording sound on company training videos), and influenced by Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi) and Kevin Smith (Clerks), Nolan envisaged a film that explored his favourite aspect of film noir: men who were defined by their often brutal actions.

The idea was a bold one: to shoot no more than two usable takes per set-up, to shoot only with natural light, in cheap, available locations and to work around the respective
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