The Whole World Is Telling Us To Fight – Silenced and The Front Line

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As I wrote last week, the Korean Film Festival in Australia (Koffia) managed to smuggle some excellent, if not harrowing, crime films into the country, and fill me with an existential angst that has begun manifesting itself in increasingly troubling ways, such as the purple mohawk that I’m now sporting. I’m going through some stuff (I’d also like to take a moment to apologise to my neighbour about her late dog, Jabba the Mutt – I don’t know what came over me, but I now have some post-its stuck on all the knives in my house reminding me not to use them to hurt animals).

While The King of Pigs and Bleak Night were both set in high schools, and prominently featured social hierarchies, bullying and the general misery of being in high school as their central tenets, the films I’ll be looking at in this
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