Christopher Nolan’s Following Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review

First films are often a filmmaker’s worst movie, as they seem to be learning their craft as the film goes on. That said, they can also be instructive once they have a body of work, as you can often see the seeds of their future work embedded within. And though Christopher Nolan’s Following is one of his weakest efforts, all things considered, it’s still indicative of a talent that would emerge. Where in 1998 Nolan’s film may have come across as a clever but small riff on Pulp Fiction and the genre of crime films Tarantino helped launch, now you can see that Nolan was pretty on top of his game from the get go, even if his first film is a minor work. Our review of the The Criterion Collection’s Blu-ray of Following follows after the jump. Jeremy Theobald stars as an unnamed writer who
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