Chris Jones, the film-maker who likes to say cut

A 'guerrilla film-maker' has leapt into the spotlight to accuse British films of 'frittering' away money. His targets are dubious

Such is the pace at which we're speeding into the new age of austerity, it's easy to miss much of the scenery along the way. And yet I couldn't help but pause for thought last weekend at the recent holding forth of "guerrilla filmmaker" Chris Jones, who announced in the Observer that the real problem with British film was its "frittering" away of vast sums of money on impossibly expensive productions that then fail to find two paying customers to rub together. Bold words – and more than slightly suspect ones.

Because to me, just as the feeling lingers that the coalition's first wave of cuts has been informed less by fine-tuned economic policy than the urge to squash things they don't like, Jones's comments seem to be not so much
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