Thailand's answer to Skins shocks some, thrills others

Director of Hormones says calls for ban shows 'adults closing their eyes to reality'

From the opening episode it becomes clear why Hormones, a drama of daily life at a Bangkok high school, has become the most talked about programme on Thai television.

Within the first few minutes there is the sneaky cigarette during morning register, the bathroom quickie during break time, the mindless chatter about who likes whom, the agony of a boring lecture, and the impending suspension of a handsome bad boy.

Day-to-day life in Thailand is still largely conservative, with programming revolving around game shows and anodyne soap operas, and sex education premised on abstinence over birth control.

Which is why, much like Skins did in Britain, Hormones has struck a nerve in Thailand, where fans appreciate its honesty and critics lambast its "reckless" scenes of youths smoking and kissing on-screen.

Officials have even called for outright censorship,
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