Trek Week: Magneto Marries Capt. Picard ... Well, Kinda

As you may know, Airlock Alpha no longer carries Star Trek news, and instead it can be found on our new site partnered with Roddenberry Entertainment, 1701News. In case you haven't been frequenting the new site as much as you should, here's what you missed this week on 1701News: Magneto Marries Capt. Picard ... For Real Well, in reality, Ian McKellen -- who played Magneto in the X-Men films -- officiated the wedding of his good friend Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and jazz singer Sunny Ozell. Stewart and Ozell have been dating since 2009, but decided recently to make it official, enlisting McKellen -- who recently received a doctorate of divinity -- to help. This is Stewart's third marriage, first spending 24 years with Sheila Falconer before marrying former "Star Trek: The ...
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