Hola Venky! is a polite “screw you” to censor board

Hola Venky! is a polite “screw you” to censor board
Sandeep Mohan, who entertained with Love, Wrinkle-free in 2012, is now ready with his micro-budget movie Hola Venky! Made in true indie spirit, Hola Venky! is all set to find its audience through innovative channels that are re-defining the distribution model of indie films globally. Mohan shares with DearCinema readers his quirky adventures with Hola Venky!

W hy I wanted to make Hola Venky in 10 lakhs is that I didn’t want to take a Censor Certificate this time!

The Censor Board has troubled me enough during Love, Wrinkle-free (my first feature) which they gave an Adult Certificate that resulted in our Satellite rights getting stuck. I must have made countless trips to the censor office, sat on the chairs outside with censor agents, waiting to be called in by bade saab (big boss), suffered, belittled, and listened to their moral talk: “why do you write adult-theme films?” My pilgrimage to
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