Check into the Sanitarium with Our Top 11 Insane Asylum Horror Films

The nut house. The loony bin. Whatever your term for it, we all know it well... the insane asylum. It is one of the more unsettling settings in which a horror film might play out. To celebrate the December 31st release of Image's Sanitarium, we bring you our Top 11 Insane Asylum Horror Films.

As far as honorable mentions, one of my all-time favorite horror moments is in the insane asylum at the end of Psycho when Norman has completely become Mother. As the scene is very short, we kept it off the list and simply gave it an Hm.

Other notable nuthouse films include the Santa-themed sequel Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 and more hillbillies gone awry in Wrong Turn 4. Give us your picks below.

Now, on to the ....

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This film was a turning point for the franchise. In Dream Warriors the Freddy
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