6 Examples Of Movie Marketing That Shamelessly Embellished What “Starring” Means

Warner Bros.

Cameos are usually fun in films, especially in comedies like Anchorman and Zombieland when actors you don’t expect to see pop in for a few laughs. In those cases the cameos aren’t promoted in order to keep them as funny surprises, but also because it would be a pretty low thing to do if misleading advertising suggested that a popular actor who only makes a token appearance has a significant role in a movie.

But don’t think an industry that charges $5 extra for a 3D movie with hardly any 3D effects and $7 for a “small” popcorn is above ripping you off with misleading advertising. Still, trailers and posters are meant to promote a movie so most rational people are aware that they are always an exercise in overselling since not every comedy can be the “funniest movie of the year!” However, at the very least
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