True Detective recap: season one, episode four – Who Goes There

Rather than learn more about the masked man at the end of episode three, we make a left turn into east Texan biker gangs – but far from being padding, the episode leads to the season's most electric and daring scene yet

Spoiler alert: we are recapping True Detective after UK transmission. Please don't read on if you haven't watched episode three. If you have seen further ahead in the series, please do not leave spoilers.

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On paper, Who Goes There has the potential to be a frustrating hour of television. Very little forward progress is made in either the original investigation into the murder of Dora Lange, or the 2012 interrogations. Despite last week's teasing final shot, the elusive Reggie Ledoux is still nowhere to be seen. Instead, we're taken out of Louisiana and into east Texas, a move that has the potential to be momentum-sapping,
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