TV Od: Matt Edmondson on angry commenters, Noel Edmonds and more

TV Od starts tonight, and seems pretty much right up our street. Hosted by Matt Edmondson, it's about all the online comments people make about television shows. Since we love Twitter and telly, we have a sneaking suspicion this could be one of our new favourites. Still, we wanted to know more, so we got Matt on the phone to find out...

People online can get very angry about television.

"Digital Spy isn't the worst offender for people getting angry and leaving comments. I think it's partly that thing of people getting passionate about TV, particularly with cult things. People get very opinionated about it. And I think people think they know what they are talking about. If someone disagrees then it's nice to have a lively debate, isn't it?

"Will I be getting comments from the DS forums? I don't know, sometimes they're a little bit worthy on there.
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