6 Things You Learn As Director Of L!ve TV

Live TV

In the continuing series of low-budget TV shows and channels that I’ve worked on I present to you, my good readers, six reasons why making L!ve TV wasn’t quite the fun ride you might imagine it would be. (If you missed the first, check it out here – 6 Sucky Truths About Working On Gamesmaster And Games World)

L!ve TV was a TV channel spewed forth from David Montgomery and Sun newspaper mogul Kelvin MacKenzie who, in a fit of madness, decided an entire channel made by the people who make the Daily Mirror would be a big hit. Janet Street Porter was plonked at the helm and it was supposed to offer a mix of lifestyle, news and celebrity info all broadcast live. Funnily enough Janet Street Porter and Jane Hewland (of Gamesmaster) were once colleagues – I guess I was destined to be connected to both.
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