‘The Search for Simon’ Review

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Stars: Martin Gooch, Noeleen Comiskey, Sophie Aldred, Julian Bastida, Simon Birks, Jen Brown, Brooke Burfitt, Lucy Clements, Carol Cleveland, Emma Cornell, Joe Dutch | Written by Martin Gooch, Simon Birks | Directed by Martin Gooch

David Jones (Martin Gooch) is a man with a mission; to find his brother, Simon, who was abducted by aliens nearly 30 years ago. Fed tips about UFOs by an American ‘ufologist’ AlienFromArcturas in exchange for cash, David travels in search of UFOs to places like Denmark and Utah, or wherever his tips take him. Unfortunately, they tend not to lead to anything, and while his obsession alienates his friends at home, he meets and befriends psychiatrist/author Eloise Eldritch (Noeleen Comiskey) and Angela (Sophie Aldred) and soon remembers more about Simon’s disappearance than what his dad told him as a child.

I’ll be honest, the opening 5 minutes of The Search For Simon made me audibly groan.
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