San Sebastian: Experts court changing audiences

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HBO is planning to commission 15-minute web series as one of its plans to keep up with digital native audiences.

Nestor Hernandez, original productions manager of HBO Latin America, discussed the plans at Creative Europe’s fifth-annual European Film Forum on Sunday at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The web series, which will be primarily screened on HBO Now or HBO Go, will be “big-budget” to differentiate between YouTube-style content.

Hernandez said the audience isn’t necessarily having an influence on what stories HBO tells, but on how and where they tell them.

The Netflix effect is changing all networks, he added. “Big digital companies like Netflix, Apple and Amazon weren’t direct competitors but they could become enemies because they know how to talk the language of people connecting to the digital worlds.

“Netflix is incredible [because of] the audience access it has. Amazon too. They’ve taken the best of what we did and contributed the best
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