‘All I Want For Xmas’ Review

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Stars: Antonio Sabato Jr., Shannen Doherty, Mason Douglas, Jsu Garcia, Juliocesar Chavez, Jade Pettyjohn, Sally Kirkland, Kylie Rogers, Richard Riehle, Eddy Salazar, Reese Hartwig, Paul Kouri, Paloma Maria Mettler | Directed by Emilio Ferrari

When Jamie makes a Christmas wish of having different parents and no annoying sister that comes true, he finds himself living the extravagant lifestyle he always dreamed of. He has every toy he has ever wanted and could never have got in his previous life… But at what cost?

Ok well, reviewing a Christmas film three months away from the actual event is probably one of the weirdest experiences ever. But, here we are. I have watched it, so now you get to read what I thought of it. As you should expect, All I Want For Xmas, like most Christmas films, spends most of the time reminding you it is Christmas in as many ways possible.
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