The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #22 – Chase H.Q.

After making the break for freedom in The Great Escape, leaving the bally Hun looking confused at little piles of dirt all around the exercise yard, we take to loading our next game in the Your Sinclair Top 100. It couldn’t get any more different as No.#22 puts us straight into a high-octane car chase with “Let’s go Mr. Driver!” ringing in our ears we’ve entered the world of Chase H.Q. from Ocean Software.

Chase H.Q. originally appeared as an arcade machine across the globe back in 1988 from Taito Corporation, before it emerged on the Zx Spectrum in 1989 from John O’Brien, Bill Harbison and with Jonathan Dunn once again providing some excellent music for another Spectrum game [listen to that here]. Taking on the role of Tony Gibson, from the “Chase Special Investigation Department.”, it’s your job – along with your partner Raymond Broady – to find numerous perpetrators along the endless highway,
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