Deal Or No Deal: investigating gameshow maths

Alex Carter Aug 19, 2016

As news breaks that Deal Or No Deal is coming to an end this autumn, we revisit the maths involved in Noel Edmonds' beard...

My first memory is of my dad getting into a fight with Noel Edmonds on the set of Telly Addicts. He had gotten so bored with the endless trivia that he fell asleep during one question, and woke up during another, and ran onto the stage to complain that David Jason wasn’t The Fugitive. If he found a colourful 80s gameshow boring, good lord knows what he makes of random guesstheboxathon Deal Or No Deal. He would probably implode into a coma.

But is it really just a game of chance? Unfortunately, try as you might, you can never get away from that agonising itch that it’s all just a completely random number guessing game. Albeit one with a delusional
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