Candleman Will Soon Bring Limited Light And Dripping Wax To The Xbox One

Illumination will be the key to progression, when Candleman soon makes its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Developed in Beijing, by indie studio Spotlightor Interactive, Candleman is being sold as a puzzle/platformer wherein light is a rarity. Through this design, players are only given ten seconds of light for each level, and must use it sparingly in order to progress through the game’s darkened and challenging environments. Why just ten seconds? Well, it just so happens that this game emerged from the 48 hour-long gam jam, Ludum Dare, where developers were tasked with incorporating a ten second time limit into their projects.

As his ten seconds of flaming light dwindle away, Candleman melts as any such candle would. This change in stature does come with a benefit, though, as becoming smaller allows our unique hero to jump higher than he normally would, thus making it easier to reach certain platforms.
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