Within Review

Author: Lisa Giles-Keddie

Logic needs to be thrown completely out of the window when watching creepfest Within. It’s directed by Phil Claydon of Vampire Killers fame – the 2009 B-movie about lesbian vampires enslaving a village’s womenfolk, only for unlikely heroes James Corden and Mathew Horne to come along and save the day. Indeed, this was well before Corden conquered Tinseltown with his celebrity carpools.

The point is to aim ‘middle-ish’ with Within and there’s enough entertainment and ‘look away now’, jumpy bits to be had. In fact, the whole premise is nicely spun along, namely guessing whether the sinister situation is ‘living’ or ‘supernatural’ in cause. The Alexanders (Vartan, Velazquez and Moriarty) move neighbourhood to a new house whose occupants have long gone, leaving a garage full of memories. Youngest member Hannah (Moriarty) has been grounded after a teenage party, and is given the task of clearing the boxes,
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