Eye for an Eye: Henrietta Review

Eye For An Eye: Henrietta Review Imagine if you combined the brutal supernatural horror of Lucio Fulci, with the colorful neo-noir style of Micheal Mann, adding a healthy dose of 70’s Giallo for good measure. The result would probably be something close to Eye for an Eye: Henrietta, the new short film from USC Mfa alum, writer/director Elia Petridis. The short is a tight horror piece that works with the schlock-value of its subject matter, and isn’t afraid to wink to its audience, all while still making them squirm. The film tells the story of the titular Henrietta, a down-on-her-luck character who takes up residency at a creepy half-way house, within which her close friend recently disappeared. Once there, she learns that the setting may...

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