That Friday The 13th Horror Series Project Isn't Dead Yet and New Details Have Been Revealed

It's been awhile since we learned that a Friday The 13th TV series was in development for The CW. Unfortunately, the network dropped the project saying:

“We didn’t believe it was a sustainable script or a sustainable series. It was a very good pilot, but not a sustainable series.”

Well, that didn't stop series creators and writers Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle from refining the project and shopping it around. They won't let their vision die and are still developing the series.

During a recent interview on Shock Waves podcast, Friday The 13th franchise creator Sean S. Cunningham talked about what they are trying to accomplish. He is working on the series with Mitchell and Van Sickle and he explains that they are looking to develop a series that will make fans happy and build a nightmarish world with great characters.

"The Friday The 13th series is still
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