Competition: Win a sci-fi horror DVD bundle with ‘Final Recall’

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To celebrate the home entertainment release of Final Recall, available on Digital HD 14th August, and DVD & Blu-ray 21st August, we have a DVD bundle up for grabs containing Final Recall, Predestination, Extraterrestrial, Kill Command, Robot Overlords, Inanimate, and The Void, courtesy of Signature Entertainment!

Action superstar Wesley Snipes, in his first leading role since 2012’s cult hit Gallowwalkers, returns to the screen as The Hunter, a character as memorable as his iconic title role in the Blade films. Here, Snipes has a hell of good time as a no-nonsense survivalist trying to stop aliens from taking over planet Earth, and attempting to convince a cabin full of teens what is at stake – basically, the end of humanity.

Featuring genuinely creepy creatures and dazzling effects, flying saucers, alien abductions, attractive young actors being picked off one by one, and Snipes charging around the woods in army gear, with a pump-action shotgun,
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