Wild Zero (1999) – The DVD Review

What’s your favorite Japanese punk rock, alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, transgender romance, biker, musical comedy movie?

I know, that’s a hell of a mash up right? There is such a movie, it’s called Wild Zero and it is terrific. If you think you’ve seen everything you’ve got to take a look at this insane movie.

Wild Zero (1999) was put together as a vehicle for Guitar Wolf a Japanese Punk Rock heavy metal trio that has been playing and recording for years. They are a sort of ramped-up Japanese version of the Ramones, who play even faster and louder than that legendary band, if you can believe it. Like the Ramones they all dress alike; black leather pants, boots and jackets. Supposedly they don’t take illegal drugs but they do drink, a lot, and they sweat, profusely, on stage and off.

According to the special
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