Marvel’s The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Review – ‘boXed in’

Rachel Bellwoar reviews the fifth episode of Marvel’s The Gifted…

For an episode titled ‘boXed in,’ there sure are a lot of secrets coming out. It’s nice to see a show not waver about putting everyone’s cards on the table. Reed’s barely at Mutant Headquarters long enough to reunite with his kids before the bartender recognizes him from coming this close to spilling their location. He rats Reed out quick, putting him back on the defensive, and for a reunion, his storyline’s completely separate from his family’s for the rest of the episode.

As great as it is to have Reed face up to what he’s done right off the bat, the corresponding speed by which he finds a way to prove his loyalty is provided way too easily. His ability to think like Sentinel Services is undeniably useful but within twenty-four hours
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