‘Lost in the Pacific’ Review

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Stars: Brandon Routh, Russell Wong, Yuqi Zhang, Bernice Liu, Sunny Wang, Mengjie Jiang, Xiangyu Dai, Vincent M. Ward, Kaiwi Lyman, Bobby Tonelli, Yonglin Yu, Siyu Lu, Tim Parrish, Natasha Lloyd, Tazito Garcia | Written by Vincent Zhou, Peter Cameron | Directed by Vincent Zhou

When one of the first lines in the film is “if anything goes wrong this could be the next Titanic” you know you’re in for the next Titanic… Whether thats a disaster within the film, or the disaster of a film, depends entirely on your penchant for the genre and gloriously over the top productions which feature an international cast hamming it up in 70s disaster movie fashion!

An English-language, Malaysian-filmed sci-fi thriller, Lost in the Pacific sees group of VIP elite passengers (the types of which wouldn’t be out of place in the likes of Airport ’77 or The Poseidon Adventure: a pop star, a former boxer,
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