Brad Fiedel interview: composing Terminator 2's iconic score

Ryan Lambie Dec 6, 2017

Composer Brad Fiedel talks to us about his stunning music for The Terminator and its sequel, T2...

Across a varied and illustrious career, New York-born musician Brad Fiedel has conjured up some unforgettable sounds. He was the keyboard player for soft rock outfit Hall & Oates in the 70s; as a composer, Fiedel's career spanned 20 years and an eclectic mix of film and TV: cult horror classic Fright Night, hit drama The Accused, 90s sci-fi action thriller Johnny Mnemonic to name a few.

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But for most movie geeks, Fiedel will be most closely associated with his unforgettable music for James Cameron's Terminator and Terminator 2. By turns percussive and melancholy, his electronic score encapsulated the themes of Cameron's nightmarish chase movies as eloquently as the images: the off-kilter,
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