Everything You Need To Know About All The Upcoming Releases For Megaman In 2018

Before Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter dominated Capcom’s lineup of video games, Mega Man was the company’s most successful franchise. It was 30 years ago in 1987, when we first caught a glimpse of the super robot Mega Man who immediately captured our hearts with his determination to fight the mad scientist, Dr. Wily. To celebrate this huge milestone as the franchise approaches its 30th year, Capcom has announced via a Twitch stream dedicated to Mega Man, that announced all future releases that includes a new game, and a re-release of beloved classics. Check out some of the images of the games from the Capcom Unity blog below:

Mega Man 11

First off, lets talk about the newest game that Capcom will introduce in the franchise, Mega Man 11. It has been seven years since the last entry in the main storyline was released when Mega Man 10 hit the Wii,
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