Has Film Declined In The 21st Century?

Tom Jolliffe on whether standards in film have dropped this century…

I’ve made passing reference to it before, but the tail end of the year always brings time for reflection, and I’ve often bemoaned the decline in important cinema being made in recent years. This is the stuff of miserable old git conversations in the pub. I’ve had a few with a couple of mates. We’re all hovering around the mid-30’s mark, so we’re not that old yet but we’ve constructed a faultless conclusion (beer led conclusions following much calculating are always faultless of course)…Film died somewhere in the late 90’s (Died is a little strong I admit). Likewise we’ve discussed exactly the same regarding music (I will say whatever groaning apathy I begin to find about modern film is nothing compared to the music industry now).

I’ve nailed the point of decline (for music,
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