DVD Review – Homesick (2015)

Homesick, 2015.

Directed and written by Jakob M. Erwa.

Starring Esther Maria Pietsch, Matthias Lier, and Tatja Seibt.


Ambitious cello student Jessica receives the invitation to an international contest. A great opportunity – but at the same time enormous pressure. Stress begins to gnaw on Jessica’s everyday life and soon reality and imagination blur.

It’s hard to watch a film like Homesick and not immediately think of previous isolationist psychological thrillers like Persona, Solaris, and Black Swan. All share the similar premise of a character being placed in an unfamiliar setting and experiencing hallucinatory visions courtesy of an undisclosed force. Is it supernatural, or it self-made due to loneliness and stress?

Our protagonist this time around is Jessica Klug, a professional cello player who moves into a new flat with her boyfriend Lorenz (Matthias Lier). A day within settling in, the two meet the apartment’s “unofficial manager” Hilde
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